Goal and Objectives

The overall goal of SUA Convocation is to build a vibrant Convocation community that is dynamic, actively participating in developing SUA to become a center of excellence,

To realize this goal SUA Convocation pursues a number of strategic goals and specific objectives that fall under five broad areas; 

  1. To establish and maintain a spirit of belonging and unity among SUA alumni as well as between alumni and their alma mater, to sustain the good image of the University
  2. To widen the financial resource base of the Convocation to fund priority programmes of the Convocation and contribute towards financing selected programmes of the University
  3. To facilitate collaboration and partnership among alumni, and foster linkages between the Convocation and other stakeholders for contributing towards development and growth of Sokoine University of Agriculture
  4. To contribute towards sustaining academic excellence of Sokoine University of Agriculture
  5. To maintain good relations between the Convocation and the public through outreach of the Convocation to its members and the public at large