Members of SUA Convocation

The Sokoine University of Agriculture Convocation comprises of the following as Article V of SUA Convocation Constitution stipulates. 

Regular Members

The regular membership shall include: –

  • The Vice Chancellor,
  • The Deputy Vice Chancellors
  • Principals of Constituent Colleges
  • All present and past/retired members of the academic staff,
  • All persons who are graduates from the Faculty of Agriculture of Makerere College associated with the University of London, or of the University of East Africa,
  • All persons who are graduates from the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Science of the University of Dar es Salaam
  • All persons who are and or/ become graduates of Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Associate Members

The associate membership shall include:-

  • Any person who has contributed to the welfare of the Convocation or to the University provided that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) has approved his/her name for associate membership.

Honorary Members

The honorary membership shall include:-

  • Any person who has received an honorary degree from the University.
  • Any person whom the Annual General Meeting confers honorary membership for his/her exceptional contribution to the Convocation or to the University.
  • Such persons as the Vice Chancellor may, upon recommendation by the President of the Convocation, appoint to be honorary members of the Convocation.

Affiliate Members

The affiliate membership shall include:-

  • Any graduate from other Universities with interest of identification with the Sokoine University of Agriculture and for this purpose have had part-time teaching at the University.