Organization Structure

The Sokoine University of Agriculture Convocation comprises the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance all members of the academic staff, all persons who are graduates of the University of East Africa, all persons who are graduates of the then Faculty of Agriculture, Veterinary and Forestry of the University of Dar es Salaam, all persons who become graduates of the University of the Sokoine University of Agriculture, and any such persons as the Chancellor may appoint as members of the Convocation. The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) is the Secretary to the Convocation. The Convocation is led by a President, who is elected by the members.

The Convocation has an Executive Committee hereinafter ECC, which is the Executive Organ Chaired by the President. This committee is responsible for carrying out the main functions of the Convocation. Other members of the Executive Committee are elected every triennium, at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or nominated in between the election years, by the President of the Convocation where the situation demands.

The Convocation annually organizes a General Meeting attended by all members, where issues of concern and relevance to the University and society are, discussed. Ordinarily, a panel discussion on a current topical issue precedes the formal Annual General Meeting.