Convocation Newsletter (SUACONE)

The Sokoine University of Agriculture Convocation Newsletter (SUACONE)

The Convocation of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is a statutory entity established in by Article 23 of the Sokoine University of Agriculture Charter, 2007.

The convocation’s mission is to mobilize SUA Alumni and well-wishers to support the University and participate in the enhancement and improvement of intellectual and material well being of the university community, including fostering unity, ethical and professional relations among members of the Convocation and between the Convocation and Sokoine University of Agriculture.

To meet this obligation, the Convocation decided among other things, to establish a Newsletter herein after known as SUACONE to facilitate information sharing and socialisation among SUA alumni. SUACONE is a non – commercial newsletter published once a year and distributed for free to the alumni on Convocation day through graduation ceremony of the respective year. It publishes articles ranging from science, politics, developmental issues, humour and reflections.

Being established by the Convocation Constitution article XVI, and registered with ISBN 9987 640 02 8, SUACONE is managed by an Editorial Board chaired by the Editor – in chief.

Articles are welcomed from any person who feels to have something that would want to share with convocation members and the general public.

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